​Clever is an 2-3 year old male pending  adoption 

​Melody is a 3 year old female who's  adoption is now pending

Minou and Masha are a bonded pair and are that are 21/2 year old females available for adoption

​Snow is a 4-5 year old female

​​​Fiji is a 3 year old female who's adoption is now pending 

February..is a 4 year old available for adoption

​Aries is a 4 year old female ready  for adoption 

​Ice​ is a 5-6 year old male

​​Dogs Unlimited Rescue Toronto​ 

​Izzy​ is a 5 year old female for adoption

Ice and Snow  are a bonded pair for  adoption  

Gemini is a 4 year old female  now pending adoption